43. Schach-Skat


“Der Schachtherapeut” has released his “Schach/Skat-Spielkarten Set”. It features legends of the past as well as contemporary masters. Here some example cards:

8. Aaron Nimzowitsch Kreuz Sieben6. Wesley So Pik Neun klein2. Wilhelm Steinitz Kreuz Ass kleinSpielkarten Plakat

Those interested can acquire this rare equipment for EUR 4,99 + shipping costs from

Manfred Herbold
Email: mherbold@gmx.net


Note 1: Skat is Germany’s most popular card game (32 cards).

Note 2: Is this an advertisement? Well, I guess it is.

Note 3: Do I earn money from this ad? No. I posted it, because I like the idea and because “Der Schachtherapeut” is a friend of mine. He co-organized my seminars at the beginning of the 2000’s in Ludwigshafen.

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