The following is an overview of my first general interest seminar, which I start holding in September. All those who are unable to attend my events will have the opportunity to purchase the material or to learn the contents via online lessons.

An immense number of publications are devoted to chess purely on the level of content, often in very specific and detailed form. As a result, some people do not see the wood for the trees anymore. On the other hand, formats that have a philosophical approach and examine how chess functions on a fundamental level, are highly underrepresented.

In order to meet this demand, I offer two seminars. While “The Chess Universe – Part 2” deals with the variety of off-board skills, “Chess Universe – Part 1” looks at all elements that contribute to decision-making during the game. This includes, among other things, an examination of chess principles on several levels as well as an analysis of all processes of perception. The participant learns, which factors in my view make up the total playing strength at the board and which training measures can be derived from this.

The seminar consists of the following sections:

  1. The 10 main Components for Success in Chess
  2. The Doors of Perception
  3. Strengths and Weaknesses of Peception
  4. The Alliance of “concret” and “abstract”
  5. The Pawn Structure
  6. Opening Logic
  7. The 5 Opening Principles
  8. Chunks
  9. Visual Chunk Analysis
  10. Abstract Chunk Analysis
  11. The Interactions between Tactics and Strategy
  12. The 3 Elements of Tactics
  13. Perceptional Pitfalls
  14. The Value System of Chess
  15. The highest Principle of Chess
  16. The Qualities of a Chess Piece
  17. Abstract Chunks
  18. Strategic Operations
  19. Calculation
  20. Principles of Strategic Endgames
  21. Important Technical Endgames
  22. The Metagame
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