Please have a look here for available seminars, but also for potential assignments.


You don’t necessarily need a specific reason, like a jubilee, for conduction a seminar. In times of dwindling member numbers, a seminar is a good activity in terms of player retention. It can be also used as a method to attract new members, for instance by targeting candidates through invites.


Only a suggestion: It could make sense for two or three smaller clubs to team up, in order to spread the costs.


Of course, the good old times of the demo board are over for a long time. Already 15 years ago I switched to the data projector.

Every participant receives the material in digital form (ChessBase or pgn, Word), which allows for an efficient postprocessing of the information.

My qualifications

I can look back to more than 30 years of experience in chess teaching.

My first seminar was conducted in 1996 for the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation. This was followed by a 10 year period of conducting closed seminar as well as open seminars in over 10 German locations. For professional reasons, I had to completely retire from chess in 2005, but now, I ‘m back.

Information about the price (also in combination with a simul):

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