There are different categories of professional pgn analyses available. They cater to different market segments, which are defined by the respective requirements of the customers regarding price, quality of the analysis, comprehensiveness, degree of verbal explanations, qualification of the author etc.

The majority of the offers target the requirements of the mass market, which entails a widely affordable price. In most cases, the author has to cut down on qualitative or quantitative aspects of his work. Otherwise, he wouldn’t earn enough money. In blog post 43 I expressed my opinion that getting hold of a pgn-anaylsis for the price of a book generally sounds like a good deal to me. The explanation is given on the site “ChessBase- and PGN analyses versus opening books”. However, you will hardly find the same density of information as you have it in a book. Mostly, you will receive a quick overview on the respective topic and hopefully a lot of interesting new ideas. If you are aware of these limitations, you might want to embrace such an offer, as it will safe you a lot of time to get started.

With my offer, I address the high-end market sector, not because I think that producing high quality products is the only way to go (there definitively is demand for all levels of quality), but simply because I feel most comfortable with it.

My clients range from ambitious 1800 players up to grandmasters (to be correct: I only have one grandmaster client so far, who approached me after reading my New in Chess Yearbook 129 contribution. But I am just starting).