My analyses generally have the following characteristics. For more specific details, please have a look at the recently updated information paper on the Four Knights.

  • Quality

Today’s engines allow to deliver analyses void of crude mistakes. While these always can happen (we are only human after all), it should not happen too often.

  • Quantity

I also like to cover lines, played by the opponent, which might not be in high regard by masters, but appear frequently between 2000 and 2300, nevertheless. At the end of the day, this is what my clients will have to deal with.

  • Intellectual Honesty

On page 70 and following of his work “Secrets of Practical Chess” John Nunn depicts how in some opening books dubious lines are being promoted by beautiful words and the window dressing of variations, e.g. by forgetting about critical alternatives. These practices can happen in blatant or mild form. According my to my experience, simplifications are pretty wide spread.

  • Originality

On the high end of the spectrum, clients can expect that the author doesn’t only comment on existing game material, but creates his own ideas and performs analyses in uncharted territory.

  • Comprehensive verbal comments

For the majority of clients, verbal comments are more important than a labyrinth of variations. It is simply the case that moves and symbol comments alone cannot convey strategic concepts and the logic of the position. Of course, it is all hidden in the moves, but you cannot expect from a paying client to dig it all out by himself.

I deliver both, a lot of moves and the accompanying words, as I want to serve a wider range of clients (see above).

  • Meta level considerations

The meta level is the area in chess, which deals with the maximization of success opposed to the scientific sphere of the objectively best moves. Meta-level considerations should be included, especially when composing a repertoire for Black. After all, beating inferior opposition is not always trivial, if your lines are toothless.

  • Updates

Updates belong to the charm of digitally distributed material. I combine updates and after sales service, by transforming questions and suggestions of clients into updates.