Personal Training


Games Analyses – Some people tend to underestimate the amount of strategic/positional ideas which underlie a game of chess and also the quantity of mistakes which are being made. With the help of an experienced trainer you can extract the valuable information contained in your games, in order to find out about your current limitations and how to diminish them. You can choose between email analyses, interactive online analyses or even a complete profiling.

Opening Repertoire – Your aim should be to build a sound and sustainable repertoire on the basis of high quality digital data and conceptual understanding. My opening training is addressing these demands.

Positional Understanding – Your understanding of generic middlegame logic and concepts forms the basis of your playing strength and can be systematically trained.

Big Picture – A good notion of the architecture of the system “chess” helps you to understand the importance of the respective parts and their interaction.


Testimonials – Hardly anyone taking private lessons would come out with a testimonial, as this is a discrete and private undertaking, as the name implies. However, participants of my seminars have been so friendly to do write some statements.

The efficiency of online training – Here is why I consider online-training much more effective than face-to-face-training.