There is one thing all chess experts agree upon: Finding out what happened in your games is the most important form of training. If you have doubts, you might want to click here.

Okay, you have an engine. But did you know that analyzing with engines possibly provides you with less information than you might think. Here is a list of potential problems.

In case you are too busy to extract all the valuable information from your games or don’t have the possibility to overcome the limitations inherent in engine analysis, you could resort to professional assistance. This might be specifically the case with games which left you puzzled about what exactly made you lose or which matter a lot in the context of your opening repertoire.

I offer the following modes. Tasks are performed according to priority (within below list) and available time (60 minutes or 30 minutes). In order to manage the amount of work, everything after move 50 has to be disregarded. The hourly rate is EUR 50.

1. Comprehensive Analysis (60 minutes)

  • symbol analysis
  • solution of opening problem
  • explanation of positional concepts
  • classification of mistakes
  • maybe small opening dossier (depends on remaining time)

2. Quick Analysis (30 minutes)

  • symbol analysis
  • solution of opening problem
  • maybe more (depends on remaining time)

3. Live Analysis (60 minutes)

A live analysis is something unconventional, but pretty intriguing. You can see everything at work: the engine, my thoughts, my working process…. Interactivity and information density through verbal communication makes this a terrific instrument.