SC Böblingen 1975   My seminar partner in Stuttgart. Here you can register for the 36. Internationales Böblinger Open 26.-30.12.2019.

SK Troisdorf   You don’t have to take holidays for participating in the Troisdorfer Open 29.10.-10.12., as it takes place every Tuesday.

Schachklub Bad Harzburg  Please pay attention to the Bad Harzburger Schachtage 08.-12.10.2019, as the first prize is EUR 1.000 this year due to the 20th anniversary.

Schachclub Schwarze Dame Osterfeld  The SDO Jugendopen is starting soon: 28.09. 11:00.

SK Münster 32  Here you find information about the Münsterland Open 12.10. – 19.10, which is a little festival, containing three different tournaments.


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