I consider the interactive game analysis one of the best forms of training you can possibly do together with a trainer.

  • Opening problems are solved.
  • Ideas for alternative variations/approaches are possibly developed.
  • Important motives and concepts are highlighted.
  • Current limitations in terms of methodical thinking are detected; superior thinking patterns are suggested.
  • You get rid of misconceptions, which otherwise would be a an obstacle for your further development. Let’s say the loss of a game makes you believe that a certain structure is bad and you hence try to circumvent it (on a sub-conscious level this might equate to the desire to avoid pain). In reality, the loss came about due to one or two bad moves of yours and had nothing to do with the structure itself. By duly processing your losses with professional assistance you avoid such self-limitations.
  • You engage in an interactive form of communication (opposed to the unilateral communication of email analyses).
  • You profit from the higher speed of verbal communication/higher information density (opposed to email analyses).
  • You get a peek into the real-time thinking process of a pro and see how I combine the information of the engine, the information of the online database and my chess thinking techniques to quickly arrive at conclusions.
  • We work within my ChessBase environment, enabled by a screen sharing software such as Teamviewer.
  • This provides me with instant access to the entirety of my chess date, in order to present reference games, when needed.
  • It also might help you to better understand the ChessBase functionality, in case you are lack experience in this area.

EUR 50 per hour (normally 1 game)