What is the purpose of player profiling?

Self-awareness is important for the decision-making process at the board and the optimization of your training, especially regarding the construction of your opening repertoire.

I guess, not everyone can claim to fully grasp his own chess personality. There are always hidden areas and the likelihood for biases is high, as you cannot completely switch off emotions.

How can a player profile be produced?

In my opinion a player profile can only be the result of a cooperation between the player and his coach.

Left to his own devices, the player is probably too subjective and he might also lack expert knowledge.

By contrast, the coach is objective and knowledgeable, but he lacks specific, player-related information. It is true, he can easily recognize mistakes when analyzing a game, but it is not always easy to come to a final conclusion, as most mistake can be the result of various causes. Potential flaws within chess-related thinking patterns can only be reliably localized within a dialogue with the client.


1. You send me 10 of your games. This is enough data to minimize the danger of randomness. It can can either be losses (if you want to focus on your weaknesses) or a chain of consecutive recent games (without short draws).

2. I send you the following documents, providing you with knowledge, terminology and self-awareness, thus increasing your ability to contribute to our conversation:

The Big Questionnaire (150 questions, helping you to better understand yourself, 8 pages)
Error Categorization (I define 30 error types within 8 categories, 6 pages)
Player Typology (a model to roughly categorize playing styles, 5 pages)
Training Methods (a summary of training methods, 2 pages)

3. Now we are able to perform the interactive analysis of your games within 1 or 2 hour units (dealing with 1 game per hour). I analyze your mistakes, style and thought process.

4. Afterwards, I send you the analyses in ChessBase- or pgn-fotmat as well as the video transcription of the sessions. That way, no information gets lost.


EUR 450