Together we can elaborate a profile  of your chess personality by examining your strengths, weaknesses and playing style. This will help you to optimize your decision-making during the game and to optimize your training activities. According to my experience, 10 games form a sound data basis for collecting enough recurrent patterns for the profiling  process.


We perform 10 one hour interactive game analysis.

You either send me 10 losses, if you want to focus on your weaknesses, or 10 consecutive games (stripped of short draws) which has the benefit of being representative.

Together we collect all evidence we need to create a player profile of you (strengths/weaknesses/style)

Beforehand, you receive the following documents, which provide you with knowledge, terminology and self-awareness, increasing your input for our discussion:

The Big Questionnaire (150 questions, helping you to better understand yourself, 8 pages)
Error Categorization (I detected 30 error types within 8 categories, 6 pages)
Player Typology (a model to roughly categorize playing styles, 5 pages)
Training Methods (a summary of training methods, 2 pages)



EUR 450