Importance and Meaning

Mastering the opening is key to success and important for being in full control of the middlegame. It basically entails three aspects:

  • Adapting your repertoire to the principles of effectiveness and efficiency as well as synchronizing it with your resources and style
  • Collecting or producing high quality analyzes
  • Understanding the logic and the most important patterns of you variations

My core competences are the following areas: the Nimzoindian, Queen’s Indian, Bogoindian, Anti-London, Anti-Torre, Anti-Trompovsky, the Four Knight Sicilian, the Anti-Sicilians or the Caro-Kann from Black’s perspective and the English Opening from White’s point of view.

  • As most of these topics are quite extensive in nature, we would have to discuss on what lines you would like to focus.
  • I then prepare the lessons free of charge, producing up-to-date analyses.
  • We would deal with each line within one or two hours in a way, which provides you with conceptual understanding.
  • After the session you will receive the respective analysis in cbv- or pgn-format.

EUR 50 per hour

EUR 40 per hour for 2 hour blocks