I might be offering online training for open groups at some stage. At the moment, however, I will start with closed events.


As chess clubs cannot meet in their premises, right now, a good solution for revitalizing club live is to organize online events. Even in normal times, offering special training units with a GM wouldn’t be such an outlandish idea, I guess.

But this offer isn’t for chess clubs alone. Every group that approaches me is welcome, be it a club, a company or a group of friends.


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  • The standard unit is 2 hours with a 5 minute break.
  • They can take place whenever I have free space in my agenda. This also includes weekends.
  • We will be using a high-end webinar-software, which allows me to share my screen.
  • All technical communication with the group will run via one single contact person.
  • 20 minutes before the session, I will be sending the session ID to the contact person, who then will distribute it to all participants.
  • I will communicate via audio feed; the participants will be able to chat.
  • After the session, I will send the cbv- and pgn-files to the contact person for further distribution.
  • I will record and upload the entire session. Members, who couldn’t make it for the appointment will be able to download the video, as well as everyone who wants to review the show.

EUR 100 per hour for up to 10 participants

EUR 125 per hour for up to 20 participants