Here, I want to honor chess clubs or private persons who have a link to my website included on their site. Please inform me, if you link to my site.

German Chess Clubs
Hamburger Schachklub   My club and Germany’s biggest chess club, based on decades of intense work with kids and youngsters.
Schachklub Union Eimsbüttel  Here I learned chess at the age of 9 from Heinz Ösau and stayed until I was German Junior Champion.
Godesberger Schachklub  My seminar partner in the beautiful Rheinland.
Schachklub Kriegshaber  A very active club from Augsburg, which organized seminars with me in the past.
Schach-Club Kreuzberg  A cool club from a cool neighbourhood. They supported me on different levels.
Pinneberger SC  When I was young, they supported my career with two simultaneous exhibitions.
SK Ricklingen  They invited me to a simul around 30 years ago. Some wise old men of the Ricklinger tribe still remember that event.
Schachklub Wilhelmsburg   The club on Hamburg’s city island.
SC Wrist-Kellinghusen   I always enjoyed to participate in their rapid chess tournaments back in the day.
Rochade Göttingen   Dedicated to chess for children and adolescents.
SC Bad Salzdetfurth
SC Agon Neumünster   They also have a strong focus on the future: More than 40% of the members are children and teenagers.
SV Bad Bevensen   Bad Bevensen is a nice health resort, which I know from conducting my first ever seminar in 1996 (for the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung).
Wilhelmshavener SC
Schachfreunde Buxtehude  The place, where the famous race between hare and hedgehog occurred. Of course, I am pleased about the cunning hedgehog’s victory.
TSG Oberschöneweide
Eberswalder Schachverein
Schachklub Bad Harzburg  Please pay attention to the Bad Harzburger Schachtage 08.-12.10.2019, as the first prize is EUR 1.000 this year due to the 20th anniversary.
Itzehoer Schachverein
SPVGG Sterkrade-Nord
Schachclub Listiger Bauer Essen-West
Schachclub Schwarze Dame Osterfeld
Schachclub Bendorf
Schachclub Eschborn
Schachclub Lambsheim






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