I see ChessBase- or pgn analyses becoming more popular, as neither a book nor a video can anchor content, be it moves or concepts, as firmly in your head as a digital file. After all, it is all about ACTIVE LEARNING.  For this you need to be able to move quickly through variations, forward, backward and interactively, assisted by an engine. Only electronic data allow for a curious and searching approach – opposed to mere consumption and entertainment, and enables scanning the content quickly and repeatedly.

I for my part will engage in making opening- and middlegame training more efficient for ambitions players. I included the term “middlegame training”, as  I consider the examination of specific, variation-related middlegame structures as an essential part of genuine opening training. Hence, you will see many of my lines ending in the thirties.

The Four Knights Sicilian
Anti-Morra Gambit

More topics coming soon….

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