The best format for opening products is pgn files:

  • navigation much quicker compared to books (enables many repetitions)
  • more detailed than videos
  • easily transportable (for tournaments)
  • can be enriched by new games
  • can be checked and modified by engine/analysis

My products are of high quality and contain extensive verbal comments.

Available Products
The Four Knights Sicilian
Anti-Morra Gambit

Product + Event
I offer my Anti-Trompowsky repertoire as a combination of webinar and pgn file.

I have finished a work on the Bayonet Attack of the King’s Indian Defense. It will be published, once I will have received the opportunity to record the videos. Here part 1 and part 2 of the introduction. Right now, I am working on a second project on the King’s Indian Sidelines.

Future Project
Caro-Kann Master Class

I will start this project, once I collected enough interested persons. I don’t actively promote it right now, as I am busy with the the Chessable projects and my Webinars. If you are interested, you can put your name on the waiting list.

That said, regular Caro-Kann training is available online. I have done it with numerous groups and individuals, so far.