When I gave weekend seminares between 1996 and 2005, I did it within the frame of a good partnership with chess clubs, which contributed with the facility and much engagement in terms of local marketing. Now, I would like to revive this kind of cooperation, in order to launch a new generation of seminars. Here is what I am looking for specifically:

Preferably (but not exclusively) metropolitan areas such as Rhein/Ruhr, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Muenchen, Nuernberg, Berlin, Sachsen.

I am also interested to partner up with clubs in Belgium and the Netherlands.

The facilitiy should be able to accomodate at least 20 participants. We need an internet connection and, very importantly, a big projection surface for the beamer. If there is no beamer present, I will bring one.

Even though I will do marketing via my website and advertisments in chess magazines, I need help with regard to local marketing. The more local influence a club has to offer, the bigger the amount of participants.

What’s in it for the club?
Activities for the members: Members can participate for half the fee.

Marketing: A club can position itself and reach out to guests. Dedicated guest can also participate for half the fee.

Private Seminars
Last but not least I would like to mention the option to organize a Private Seminar. Members and guests only. Sometimes, clubs have a reason to celebrate. Well, it doesn’t have to be a simultaneous exhibition all the time….. And if yes, there sure will be a possibility to combine both.