Personal Training

My methods will help you

  • to assume a higher, more comprehensive perspective on chess
  • to sharpening your perception of your current limitations and future potential
  • to access specific topics quickly
  • to refine your training methods

Information is conveyed per email or within live sessions. Live sessions have a high impact through interactivity and information density. By means of screen sharing, I work with my students directly within ChessBase, using its abundant functionality. This makes online-training much more effective than face-to-face-training. Here is an overview of concrete topics:


Games Analyses – Your games are your most important material for training! Many people tend to underestimate the amount of strategic/positional ideas which underlie a game of chess and also the quantity of mistakes which are being made. In that context, I would like to stress that I consider live game analyses one of the most effective training tools.

Big Picture – There is a huge number of factors constituting playing strength you should be aware of. I am providing an overview in my seminars The Chess Universe 1 and The Chess Universe 2. If you have no opportunity to attend these seminars, the content can be conveyed via online sessions.

Positional Understanding – Your general chess understanding is the main factor of playing strength and can be subdivided into many different categories. In the coming years I plan to address the most important ones in seminars. But it is also possible to target every strategic topic earlier, based on my collection of model games. Here is an overview of potential topics.

Opening Repertoire – Your aim should be to build a sound repertoire on the basis of high quality digital data. In 2020 I will be offering online lessons on topics such as Nimzoindian, Bogoindian or the Anti-Sicilians from a black perspective or the English Opening with White.