Personal Training

Personal Training can be an effective means to accelerate your development as a chess player, or to give it a fresh start after a period of stagnation. There are some key areas that should be targeted:

Games Analyses – Your games are the most important source of information. You should really try to derive the maximum advantage from it.

Big Picture – There is a huge number of factors constituting playing strength you should be aware of. I am providing an overview in my upcoming seminars and also in online training sessions.

Chess Understanding – Your general chess understanding is the main factor of playing strength and can be subdivided into many different subcategories. In the coming years I plan to address the most important ones in seminars. But it is also possible to target every positional or strategic topic earlier within the context of online sessions.

Opening Repertoire – Your aim should be to build a sound repertoire on the basis of high quality digital data. As of December 2019 I will be offering online lessons on topics such as Nimzoindian, Bogoindian or the Anti-Sicilians from a black perspective or the English Opening with White.

Normally, personal training is a combination of information conveyed per email (opening or game analyses) and information exchanged within live sessions. Live sessions have a high impact through interactivity and information density. By means of screen sharing, we will work directly within ChessBase, using its abundant functionality. This makes online-training much more effective than face-to-face-training.