Outstandig – at least 5 Stars – KID Players will have a very hard time.
Since Chessable always claims I haven’t “learned” enough lines to rate this course, I’d like to at least do so here. Anyway, I’ve never understood why you have to use the Movetrainer to evaluate a course. This is probably due to the intention to keep customers on their own platform for a long time. so please

I would like to give this course 6 stars out of 5 and thank Matthias Wahls for his great work. Finally the question witch line to play against the KID was answered. 20 years ago by Garry Kasparov. GM Wahls has now provided scientific proof of this. Thanks very much!


Should enter the competition for course of the year !!
This course was a very good surprise. I bought it as an add-on for my Saemish. Just to complement. But this the bayonette will become my main weapon against the KID.

This book is not only an opening manual, it is a complete guide on how to play the middle game in the King’s Indian. I learned so much, I had to buy the video, where we have about 10. 5 hrs chapters. GM Wahls is very thorough and to the point and his goal is to provide at least + 1.00 in every line. I think he succeeded. Now I understand why the KID is not played that much anymore.

The bayonnette attacks on the queenside rapidly and you have very rarely to face a dangerous pawn storms that you have to face in the classical KID.

The play is varied and powerful. The 2 star pieces are the Ra1 which goes often to a3 and becomes a powerhouse and the Nf3 which often jumps to g5 and e6, or sometimes to d2 where it becomes very strong on c4.

The lines come with the latest computer moves and GM Wahls analyses and explains sometimes up to move 40. Usually with comment ´White is winning.

This book should be entered in the competition for book of the year and should become a bestseller. This is how good this is. If you want to improve your chess comprehension, buy this book !