Once in a while, every amateur plays a game which deserves to be presented to a wider audience. It might be outstanding as a whole or contain strong moves or otherwise interesting passages. Publishing such games is challenging, but there is a solution I am offering now:
Send me your game and I will present it on my Youtube channel.

Service and price

  • Analyzing the game: EUR 50
  • Recording and placing the video: EUR 100
  • Adding a webcam: EUR 50

Hence, it will either cost EUR 150 or EUR 200, depending on whether you want me to appear per webcam or not. All you have to do is sending me a plain game notation. The game should not be longer than 50 moves. If you want, you can also send your picture and the one of your opponent. Of course, you will receive a download link, so that you can save the video on your hard drive or publish it yourself elsewhere. Your game can either be published publicly or privately. In the latter case one needs a link to see the video.

Below, you find further reasons for publishing a video.

Video as a gift
Send me a game of your friend or family member. It will be a nice birthday/Christmas surprise, if you send him/her the link of the published game.

Sponsored video
Sponsor the video of your favorite master game and advertise your club or your company on the right side of the screen. Additionally, you can post an advertising message in the description of the video. Being a member of the chess community might increase the trust in your services among chess playing clients.