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03.12. I am glad to offer seminars now also for chess friends from nothern NRW by cooperating with the SK Münster 32!
19.11. Post 63 is published: Reasons to accept a gambit
07.11. New prices for my Anti-Morra modules
03.11. There are 2 forms of discount for open seminars.


Personal Training is an effective means to accelerate your development as a chess player, or to give it a fresh start after a period of stagnation.


Weekend seminars are a great instrument. You meet like-minded people and provide a boost to your chess through this highly concentrated form of training. All this is offered for a very moderate price, taking into account that I was a top 100 player and even managed to enter the top 50.
In order to present this opportunity to a large number of chess friends, I am organizing open seminars together with some of the biggest and most dynamic chess clubs in Germany. Beside that, I offer closed seminars for clubs (also outside Germany), who want to support their top players or intend to celebrate an anniversary with a special event.

Schedule for open seminars:
Das Schachuniversum – Teil 1 – 18./19. Januar 2020 – Frankfurt/Bad Homburg
Das Schachuniversum – Teil 2 – 07./08. März 2020 – Hamburg
Das Schachuniversum – Teil 1 – 14./15. März 2020 – Münster
Stellungsbewertung – 25./26. April 2020 – Hamburg


The most demanding work I ever performed in the realm of chess is an extensive analysis of the Four Knights Sicilian, which contains more than 140 different sub-variations. If you are looking for an underrated opening, which offers you prospects to play for a win with the black pieces, you might want to have a look. I also provide 3 refutations of the dangerous Morra-Gambit.


By scrolling down you will find the blog posts. These more than 50 contributions have already assumed the volume of a book. If you think you have profited from my work and want to support it, please put a link on your website or distribute links of individual posts.

Please contact me at info (at) matthias-wahls (dot) com .

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