Improve your chess with the two-time German Champion!

The vast majority of all chess players is far away from having activated their full potential. Consequently, there are many ways to considerably improve your chess. But none of it short. The road to success in chess is hard and requires effort. Per aspera ad astra, as they say.

However, there are possibilities to speed up the tempo, or to use a shortcut, here and there. You can safe a lot of time by making use of expert advise, as you know it from other areas of life. In many cases, everything an ambitious chess friend needs is a kind of booster, which enables him to train on his own afterwards with a higher degree of efficiency.

What I offer my students as elements for such a booster is the following:

  • Analysis of their chess profile
  • A training schedule
  • A guide about the most important features of ChessBase
  • Information about decision making processes
  • An overview of all elements of chess middlegame strategy
  • Advice with regard to their opening repertoire
  • And essays on many other subjects

Some students prefer long term training. This provides opportunities for demanding measures such as

  • Doing a complete course on chess strategy
  • Improving the opening repertoire


For all those who prefer not to invest in private training, I provide free content in my blog section. I hope, you like my style of writing and can put the information to good use in your own games. If you want to do me a favor, talk about my blog and link it on your own website.

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