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After regularly holding seminars between 1996 and 2005 in more than 10 German cities, I can now proclaim the resumption of this tradition. The new generation starts at the beginning of May in the premises of the Schach-Club Kreuzberg. My plan is to reach out again to chess friends all over Germany. I have already general agreements with clubs from München and Essen about organizing seminars in the second half of this year. Apart from that, I am in contact with potential partners from other locations.

Schedule for open seminars:
Sizilianische Vierspringervariante – 04./05. May 2019 – Berlin
Sizilianische Vierspringervariante – 25./26. May 2019 – Hamburg

Please Note:
The fee was reduced to EUR 250.
The Seminar on the Four Knights is not only geared to existing users, but also to players who are new to this line. It is well known, that playing two (or more) openings comes with several advantages:

  • you are unpredictable
  • you can target weaknesses in your opponent’s repertoire
  • you increase your overall chess understanding

It is reasonable to consider such special opening seminars also as a form of middlegame training. In my lectures, I tend to abstract from concrete positions toward generic concepts and principles. You will definitively learn a lot about chess in general.

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I am working on a comprehensive opening repertoire for my clients. This process will last several years. My first product is an extensive analysis of the Four Knights Sicilian. It contains 120 different sub-variations (single analyses) and I consider it my all-time master piece. My next project will be a full coverage of the Sicilian side lines, complementing the Four Knights. I am starting with the sharp variations and can already claim that the Morra-Gambit has been refuted.


  • Game Analyses
  • Elaboration of Player Profile + Repertoire Check
  • Important Middlegame Concepts
  • Opening Training

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