Success in chess strongly depends on the quality of the opening repertoire. It can be your best friend, giving you with a nice head start into the game, or your biggest enemy, providing you with a permanent handicap. Mastering the opening is important for

  • starting into the middlegame with a good position
  • understanding the arising middlegame structures
  • choosing your favorite structures and bring them about
  • controlling the middlegame up to the early endgame

My core skills, beginning with the black perspective, are

From White’s perspective I advocate the English Opening. This is a huge complex, which could be structured as follows:

  • 1.c4 e5 (Reversed Sicilian)
  • 1.c4 c5 (Symmetry Variation)
  • Anti-Slav
  • Anti-King’s Indian
  • Anti-Grünfeld
  • Anti-Dutch
  • Anti-Tarrasch
  • Anti-Hedgehog
  • Reti (Anti-Queen’s Gambit)
  • 1.c4 b6